Health & Safety

We’re here to provide you with peace of mind, from the moment you drop your child off, until the moment you pick your child up. Here, we maintain a safe environment, from the front door (where strict ID practices and entry requirements mean only authorized persons are admitted), to the classroom, out to the playground, where teachers can give individualized, nurturing attention to each child, so they may learn and grow.

Always On the Lookout

Between a system of cameras and door alarms on all exterior doors, our entire center is regularly monitored in comprehensive fashion. Staff and parents can see a multi-room display in the lobby, which shows a closed-circuit feed of what’s happening in classrooms, on the playground, and throughout the center. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, secure environment—and providing peace of mind to all our families.


Our Safety Squad

All our teachers receive regular training in safety procedures, including emergency and evacuation situations, such as fire or earthquakes. We always follow strict ratio guidelines, ensuring direct supervision of children at all times. Throughout the center, classrooms are equipped with emergency and evacuation supplies. The school also features a defibrillator, designed specifically for infants and children. Each center has a designed Safety Captain, while CPR and first aid training are provided, based on state standards.


Watching Over Little Ones

Infants, toddlers, and 2-year-olds receive a primary caregiver that collaborates with families to ensure a close relationship and consistent care.

Sleeping Safely

During naps, the lights are never turned off. To ensure nap time safety, children in cribs are always under visual contact and listened to. Children sleep on their backs with age-appropriate bedding.

Safe Food Standards

Our Grow Fit menu options (aside from jarred food or infant cereal) are planned by a registered dietitian nutritionist, to ensure healthy food options for growing little ones. We follow strict standards to cut food to appropriate sizes, based on age group. Staff members supervise all meals and snack times, to make sure our children are eating healthy—and safely.


Toys and Playgrounds

Regular inspections ensure our outdoor equipment is always safe and play-ready. Toys are checked rigorously for broken or loose parts, monitored for choking hazards, and disinfected according to a regular schedule.